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What are the Facial Lifts of Cosmetic Surgery? Ask Dr. Brian Evans

The various lifts of the face can restore the effects of aging.

A facelift can improve many areas: sagging, loose tissues of the mid-face, deep folds of loose skin at the sides of the nose and mouth, jowls or loss of definition of the jaw line, and excess fat or loose skin causing loss of definition and “hanging” of the tissues in the neck area. A facelift is a great cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Brian Evans MD a Board-certified plastic surgeon performs the facelift procedure at his in West Hills, California Clinic.

It is crucial for you to discuss your areas of concern during a consultation and the physician can demonstrate the degree of correction you may be able to achieve in each area.

A facelift does not stop the clock. It simply "resets" it. How long a facelift lasts depends on many factors including the inherent characteristics of your tissues. Also, people tend to age in “spurts” (look at Presidents before and after serving). If you are in, or entering, an aging cycle, your facelift will not last as long as someone who is not in such a cycle.

You'll notice some loosening within a few months following a facelift, but you may never regain the degree of your original aged appearance. On average, patients may request a less extensive tightening procedure in 7-10 years to maintain the best possible appearance.

A forehead lift corrects the sagging or low position of the eyebrows. It also softens creases across the forehead and frown lines between the brows. The result is a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Tiny incisions are hidden within the hair, and no scalp or hair is removed.

Eyelid surgery removes the excess fat and wrinkled, droopy skin of the upper eyelids. It also eliminates bags under the eyes and tightens the lower eyelid skin. Eyelid surgery helps to eliminate the appearance of being constantly tired, resulting in a more youthful and rested appearance.

The Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty) is a family of treatments that can address problems with the fat, muscle and skin of your neck and jaw line. Is your neck overly full and out of proportion with your face? Have you lost weight only to find sagging skin in your neck? A Neck Lift can help correct a fleshy neck, "jowls", plastysma or neck "banding", or that "turkey waddle".

If, however, the skin of the neck is loose, hanging, or crepey, even if there is excess fat, liposuction alone will not produce the desired result. A full Neck Lift may be used to address problems with slack skin, slack neck muscles, or both. Most patients over 40 will require some surgical skin tightening. Each person will have very different requirements for improving the appearance of their neck.

If you are interested in any of these cosmetic surgery facial lifts, contact Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgery for a consultation to determine the best treatment for your situation. Call at (818) 676-4001


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