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Thigh Lift is an Excellent Way to Tone and Refine Your Legs

Thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to achieve firmer and more attractive-looking legs. This surgical procedure is greatly obliging for those who have loose, surplus skin as a consequence of weight loss. Specifically, this is a case with people who have undergone weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass or lap band procedures.
There are several choices with thigh lift surgery and we will look at some of the options.

Types of Thigh Lifts

Doctors can perform several types of thigh lifts. Each thigh lift procedure targets certain areas of thighs. When you see your surgeon, he or she will confer the several options with and what you can expect from the many types of thigh lift.
The primary discussion will help determine which, if any, type of thigh lift is best for you.


Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lift procedure is helpful for those who can't seem to lose the inner thigh tissue through exercise and diet. This surgical procedure is used to remove tissue from those who have flabby legs due to aging or to extreme weight loss. In the course of inner thigh lift, an incision is made at the junction of the pubic area and the thigh. A wedge of skin and fat is removed and the skin is tightened up to make better the contour of the leg. Liposuction is applied to thin out the entirety of the thigh. The surgeon will talk about the risks and advantages with you before having the inner thigh lift procedure.


Outer Thigh Lift

The bilateral outer thigh lift is helpful in tightening the skin in the area of the front and outside of the leg. In the course of outer thigh lift, the surgeon makes a large incision at the top of the leg where the lower edge of the underwear or bikini would be. Next, the skin is removed before the remaining skin is pulled up and is sewed up to the bikini line. Both the right and the left leg are treated in the same manner in order to be symmetric. If you are a good aspirant for this procedure, your surgeon should describe the surgery in detail with you so you can make a well-versed decision about going forward.


Medial Thigh Lift

A Medical thigh lift is an alternative term for the inner procedure and quite helpful in removing the surplus skin and fatty tissue on the upper portion of the inner thigh. It's a finest choice for those who have flabby inner thighs or who have lost a tremendous amount of weight and have loose skin on their inner thighs. It makes better the overall shape of the thigh. In the Medical thigh lift procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the groin that goes all the way back to the crease of the buttocks. Next, the skin is lifted, allowing for the removal of surplus skin and fat.

Now the incision is put back together with the surplus kin removed. See your surgeon to decide if you are a good candidate for a medical thigh lift.


Will a thigh lift leave a visible scar?

Thigh lift procedures often leave noticeable scars but many of them will be located in areas that are quite inconspicuous. Often the scars will be minor when in contrast to the problem of having flabby skin and fat. The majority of thigh lift scars can be hidden by underwear or bikinis. If you are in view of having a thigh lift, confer with a surgeon as to what the scars will look like and what the rest of your thigh will look like. Scars are a normal part of having a thigh lift; you need to consider the risks and the advantages of having such a procedure.


Choosing a Surgeon

The first thing that you are required to do is find a good plastic surgeon. Its finest, if the surgeon has underwent at least five years of surgical training, two of those being in plastic surgery.

The surgeon must be skilled in assorted plastic surgery procedures and must operate only at accredited medical hospitals and surgery centers. If you are not contented when meeting a surgeon, keep looking until you get someone you like!


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