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Which Eyelid Cosmetic Treatment is Right for Me? Consult Dr. Brian Evans

The best lower eyelid surgery is customized for the individual and designed to meet his or her particular goals, medical needs, and circumstances. This means that the lower eyelid surgery ideal for one person may be a specialized type of blepharoplasty while for another it may be a midface liftdesig…

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Breast Reconstruction Options after Breast Cancer Discussed by Dr. Brian Evans

There have been many changes to reconstruction over the years, with women having various options to get natural looking breasts after reconstruction. In fact, it is now a right and not a privilege to have reconstruction after breast cancer, making it necessary for insurance companies to pay for it.

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Preparing for Breast Reduction Surgery

Patients who decide to undergo breast reduction surgery often seek solutions for removing the symptoms caused by the excessive weight of the breasts. Breast reduction can usually solve these problems, while also providing a better mammary shape. After surgery, your breasts will be in harmony with th…

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Guide by Dr. Brian Evans for Removing Cancerous Moles

Moles are only "accessories" for most women, spicing up the appearance of the body and adding some charm to a woman's look. However, if you are the lucky "carrier" of one or more moles, you should also know that they require your attention from time to time because they are very sensitive. Inadverte…

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Buttock Augmentation through Fat Transfer by Dr. Brian Evans

Buttock augmentation through fat transfer is a great way to attain really rounded and shapely buttocks. Women who are worried about their buttocks that are not prominent or are not rounded enough can seek fat transfer for buttock augmentation, Brazilian butt lift or other such buttock enhancement co…

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